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Lifting the lid on an HIU

Heat Interface Units (also sometimes known as Heat Boxes and Consumer Interface Units) basically fulfils the same function as a gas boiler in a property when used as part of a communal heating network. Each home or apartment has its own HIU installed, which uses heat distributed from the central network to provide heating and […]

What exactly is a HIU?

At Mibec we sell a range of Heat Interface Units (HIUs); however they are still relatively new and the concept may not be familiar to everyone. This article gives you a quick 101 of HIUs and their many benefits. So what are they? A heat interface unit basically fulfils the same function as a gas […]

Integrating district heating with renewable energy sources

District heating is centred on the concept of a site utilising one large heat source running very efficiently, rather than each building having separate smaller ones running less efficiently; the idea being to reduce overall CO2 emissions and save on running costs. The concept is very popular in geographical areas located off the mains gas […]