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When is a PIC valve not a PIC valve?

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) contain valves to enable control. Some, such as our new Hiper HIU contain a Pressure Independent Control Valve or PIC valve. The term is often used a little too broadly in the industry to describe components in HIUs that strictly speaking aren’t really PIC valves; therefore the purpose of this short […]

Consumer Benefits of HIUs

If you have ever read some of the consumer utilities forums concerning Heat Interface Units (HIUs) and communal heating projects generally, you will know that a commonly raised concern is the inability to switch energy suppliers (like those of us on regular gas supply can do fairly easily thus keeping energy prices keen). When future […]

Buffer Tanks for chilled water storage and cooling

At Mibec we supply a wide range of water storage and Buffer tank products. Although usually associated with heating applications, this short article describes how buffer tanks can be used in chilled water storage and cooling applications. Chilled Water (CHW) systems used to cool a buildings indoor air and equipment and are becoming increasingly common […]

District Heating in Northern Europe – what can the UK learn?

District heating still only makes up around 2% of the UK energy market which is much lower than other parts of Europe (particularly Northern Europe) as can seen in the table below: Country % of citizens served by district heating Iceland 92% Denmark 63% Sweden 52% Finland 50% Germany 12% France 7% UK 2% Data […]