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How are HIUs used in flats and apartment projects?

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) are an ideal solution for use in multi-occupancy dwelling projects such as flats and apartment blocks. Projects such as these lend themselves well to the concept of communal heating (e.g. having a single central plant room supplying the entire building) as a collaborative strategy for saving all of the occupant’s money […]

History of District Heating

A District Heating project is where there is a single centralised heat source supplying heating water and / or domestic hot water two or more separate buildings on the site via an underground pipe network. At the heart of the district heating philosophy is the concept of improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 and saving on […]

District heating pipe layout patterns – what are the opinions and benefits?

A district heating network has a heat source supplying heating water and / or domestic hot water to two or more separate buildings in a project. This central heat source (gas boiler or a renewable technology) will then be connected to the various buildings in the scheme via an underground pre-insulated pipe network. This is […]

Bespoke Sized Buffer Tanks

At Mibec we supply a wide range of water storage and Buffer tank products, in this short article we look at our new bespoke tanks manufacturing service. Often used in district heating projects in conjunction with a renewable heat source, a buffer vessel retains thermal energy for later use and can supplement the heat source […]