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RAUTITAN One Fitting System

RAUTITAN ONE-1Mibec are pleased to supply the new RAUTITAN One pipe fitting system from REHAU. RAUTITAN One is the latest innovation in compression sleeve technology developed by REHAU. A high quality DZR brass compression fitting range approved for use with water, gas and hydronic heating. Combined with REHAU’s revolutionary PX reversible sleeve RAUTITAN One is the most versatile compression system enabling ONE fitting, ONE sleeve and ONE tool for ALL applications.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Every fitting is 100% pressure tested
  • No O-rings
  • Sizes 16-40mm for a wide range of applications

Product range


Description Material Applications Sizes
RAUTITAN Platinum PE-Xa Hot & Cold Water 16-40mm
RAUTITAN red PE-Xa Hot Water 16-25mm
RAUTITAN Green PE-Xa Rain Water 16-40mm
RAUTITAN Lilac PE-Xa Recycled Water 16-40mm
RAUTITAN Stabil PE-Xa-Al-Pe Heating & Hot/Cold water 16-40mm
RAUTITAN Pink PE-Xa with Oxygen Barrier Hydronic Heating 16-40mm
RAUTITAN Gas PE-Xa-Al-Pe Natural Gas & LPG 16-40mm


RAUTITAN Fittings- high quality DZR brass for sizes up to 16-40mm:

Description Material Applications Sizes
RAUTITAN One DZR Brass Water (see above)& Gas 16-40mm


RAUTITAN Sleeves – PVDF easy-slide reversible sleeve:

Description Material Applications Sizes
PX PVDF Water (see above)& Gas 16-40mm


RAUTITAN Tools – State of the art tooling tailored for optimised performance and ease of use:

Description Applications Sizes
M1 Water (see above)& Gas 16-32mm
A-Light 2 Water (see above)& Gas 16-40mm
A3 Water (see above)& Gas 16-40mm

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