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EVH Superheating Thermal Storage Tank

Designed especially for heat pump and solar heating systems, the EVH superheating thermal storage tank has three compartments with flanges for installing coils. The standard configuration is a water heating coil in the top compartment and doors on the other two. As an example, a pre-heating coil can be installed in the middle compartment and a thermal solar coil or heat exchanger coil in the bottom compartment. EVH storage tanks are equipped with separator walls with flow openings. The section above the separator wall is loaded with, for example, the highest temperature produced by the ground source heat pump. This is referred to as superheating, which ensures sufficient water temperature and quantities for use. Due to the separator wall, the superheated hottest water remains in the top section of the storage tank and the coolest water, which has released its energy for heating, returns back to the bottom section to be re-heated. The system is also able to utilise the greatest amount of energy from the solar thermal coil.

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