Heat Pumps

Hitachi Yutaki Heat Pump

We are proud to introduce Hitachi Yutaki heat pumps, the Hitachi range of renewable energy solutions for homes to our range of products. This innovative range of air to water heat pumps provide an alternative to more traditional heating methods. With a variety of outputs and water temperatures, the Yutaki can provide the perfect solution regardless of the property type.

Yutaki is simple to install, commission and operate plus are of the highest quality efficiency with the added benefit of low noise levels.



  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Light, compact models designed for smaller surface areas without sacrificing power and efficiency
  • More energy, less electricity: 70% natural energy, 30% electricity
  • Single control
  • Set your home temperature wherever you are via the Hi-Kumo App
  • DHW legionella protection program
  • One of the best COP’s on the market up to 5.00
  • A fully certified range. All models in the Yutaki-M range carry MCS accreditation
  • Eligible for domestic and non-domestic RHI
  • Absorbs heat from outside, even at very low temperatures (-20°C
  • Capacities from 5.1kW to 32.0kW


Our Yutaki range consists of four products:

  • Yutaki-M (Low temperature – Monobloc)
  • Yutaki-S (Low temperature – Split)
  • Yutaki-SCombi (Low temperature – Split – Pre-plumbed)
  • Yutaki-S80 (High temperature – up to 80 degrees)


The Yutaki utilises energy in the outside air and transforms it into usable heat. This is performed through a refrigeration process and a vapour compression cycle, which sounds very complicated, but it’s basically how a fridge works, but in reverse.



The water temperature leaving the heat pump is usually lower than the temperature of a fossil fuel boiler, so radiators will need to be sized correctly or use a low temperature heat emitter such as underfloor heating.


Domestic Hot Water

A dedicated heat pump hot water cylinder which has a larger coil surface area (which will provide a better heat transfer) will need to be used to compliment the Yutaki. The Yutaki-SCombi is a pre-plumbed and pre-wired solution.



The split units split the refrigeration process between the outdoor fan unit and the indoor unit. So, the compressor is in the outdoor unit and two pipes containing refrigerant connects to the indoor unit where the heat exchanger and water side is contained as well as the main controller.

The benefits of a Split unit is that the outdoor unit can be located further away from the property (typically up to 50m) with little or no heat loss. The outdoor units tend to be smaller and quieter.



A Monobloc unit has the compressor, heat exchanger and water side of the refrigeration cycle all contained in the outdoor unit. Therefore, this requires no special qualifications to install as this is much like a boiler installation.

If you’d like to find out more about the Yutaki range, please feel free to  request a call back, email us or call our support department on 01782 959170 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help.