Flexible pipe solutions for your hot tub installation

Mibec has recently undertaken the successful specification and delivery of our pre-insulated pipe for both domestic and commercial hot tub installations. Hot tubs are increasingly popular at holiday parks, small self-catering holiday lets as well as in average gardens as people seek to make the most of their home environment.  

The challenge

Traditionally hot tubs have been sited next to buildings or heat sources to suit the ease of connecting to utilities rather than where the homeowner or site owner would like the hot tub to be. At Mibec we wanted to create a system that is straightforward, frees up space and can be delivered without special tools. 

In our recent projects we have faced challenges such as varying heat sources, long distances from the property to the hot tub location but our system has been successfully implemented and any plumber can easily install it. 


Using a low-level trench that’s easily covered, our pre-insulated pipe has a life expectancy of over 25 years with no corrosion or lagging required.

The benefit of our pipe kit is that you can site your hot tub where you want, it doesn’t have to be immediately adjacent to the property. Whether you want your hot tub 10m or 100m from your heat source, we can design a suitable solution. We also have a system ideal for connection to heat pumps too.

Each kit comes in 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m lengths, and comes complete with everything you need to connect to your system at each end. Full installation instructions are provided, and no special assembly tools are needed! The flexibility of pipe means that no special bends are required.

Mibec’s standing as the UK’s largest independent single point supplier of pre-insulated pipework, together with our system design advice enables us to deliver a “One Stop Shop” service to the client that maximise the cost savings for our customers. To find out how Mibec can deliver for your project, speak to our expert team on 01782 959170.