Delivering cost savings with a tailored replacement tank

Mibec has recently undertaken the successful specification and delivery of a unique stainless-steel buffer tank for a water treatment works in the east end of London. At Mibec, we use our years of experience to provide a solution to even the most complex of projects, as was the case here. 

The challenge

Most of our bespoke buffer tank orders are received at the early stages of the project enabling us to work with the project team to identify the correct tank for the application. This customer contacted us following the unexpected dramatic failure of an already installed tank at their water treatment works. As the existing failed tank had been installed already, we used our expertise to identify a high quality replacement that would be an exact fit.


Mibec worked closely with the M&E on the project to ensure that all the required connections on the new buffer tank were identical to the current tank. This provided a direct saving of tens of thousands to the client as we could ensure they would not have to rearrange any pipework or re-position the tank’s location on their site. 

For the customer, this minimised the disruption to the site and ensured a smooth transition to the new tank. As is our standard process, the new tank has also undergone required NDT testing to ensure the client will have no further issues on site.

About us

Mibec has been specialising in the specification and supply of buffer and accumulator tank solutions for ten years. Our experienced team can help you to find the right tank for you however big or small. To find out how Mibec can deliver for your project, speak to our expert team on 01782 959170.