Hot Water Modules

Mibec can provide a DHW module suitable for providing mains pressure domestic hot water from a buffer tank or accumulator tank. The MACS module comes in two sizes 70kW and 120kW, and provides DHW at up to 50 litres/min. It comes complete with thermostatic mixer valve, pump and controller in one ready to use assembly.

Heat Exchangers

  • Copper circuitry, fittings and valves in brass.
  • 316L stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger with a thermostatic mixer in the Entry heating water from the buffer
  • Module’s frame in PPE protecting and insulating the heat exchanger and circuits.

Technical Details

The MACS® module produces instant D.H.W. with a high flow rate without the storage of water.

The immediate and fast production of D.H.W. is granted by the external plate exchanger system allowing the following benefits:

  • Reduced dimensions for DHW production
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduces legionella bacteria risk
  • Produces more DHW than a water heater with similar capacity


2 years

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