Inta Mag Pro Magnetic System Hub

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Introducing your all in one plant room solution. Keeping your heating and cooling system corrosion and debris free can be a challenge. Mibec are now stocking the innovative Inta Mag Pro Magnetic System Hub to help you keep your system operating at an optimal level.

This magnetic system hub consists of:

  • magnetic dirt separator with integral filter basket
  • automatic air vent
  • manual air venting point
  • draining valve
  • chemical dosing point where you can add up to 5 litres per minute of chemical dosing fluid using the Inta accessory pack

Thanks to its powerful magnetic capacity, its size and the multiple inlet combinations the Inta Mag Pro is ideal for use in industrial and commercial heating systems.

Through its effective and constant action, the filter collects all the impurities present preventing them from continually circulating, thus avoiding wear and damage to all the components making up the system.

The impurities collected by the filter accumulate inside the stainless steel filter basket which itself incorporates a self-closing valve to assist with the simplistic servicing schedule.

Please feel free to email or call our support department on 01782 959170 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help you.

Technical details

  • Manual and automatic air venting
  • Various inlet connection sizes (Ranging from ½” - 2")
  • Multiple inlet configurations
  • Integral stainless steel filter basket with 100 micron mesh gauze for the removal of fine lighter particles. The filter basket incorporates a self-closing valve to prevent impurities from falling into the filter.
  • Quick and efficient servicing schedule reducing maintenance time.
  • Magnetic filtration for the removal of ferrous material. The magnets are protected from contact with water making it easier to maintain.
  • Fitted with a dosage point to add treatment fluids easily
  • Large water content extends the maintenance intervals
  • Option of in-line or by-pass installation on a heating system
  • Possibility of cleaning the filter without draining the system
  • Anti-condensation insulation jacket also available upon request

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