Mibec are pleased to supply AWADUKT Thermo from REHAU. This solution is a ground-air heat exchanger system, also known as earth tubes, for pre-tempering ventilation air. The ventilation air is drawn through underground pipes buried at a depth of 1.5m, which pre-cools the air in the summer and pre-heats it in winter, using the near constant temperature of the ground (7-13°C). Experience has shown it is possible for a system to cool the air by 14°C in the summer and heat it by 9°C in the winter.

The system has been extensively used across the UK in commercial projects, mainly in the education sector. The system is ideally linked up with a mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery (MVHR) to offer a full ventilation solution.


  • The ground’s ability to store energy is used to achieve an energy-efficient controlled ventilation solution
  • Low energy cooling system for buildings built to zero carbon / PassivHaus standards
  • Antimicrobial silver inner layer to prevent microbial growth inside the pipes
  • Thermally-optimised polypropylene material for improved heat transfer
  • Design software available to estimate energy savings for a project
  • Complete system available from air inlet tower to condensation chambers and wall seals
  • Solutions suitable for both residential and commercial applications

Domestic applications

The system requires a minimum of 40m of pipe for the optimum performance. This can be laid in a ring pattern around the house, a meander pattern or in a straight line away from the building.

REHAU have created 4 different domestic packages for different size properties, which include all key components such as pipe, fittings, condensation chamber, wall inlets and air inlet tower.



Commercial applications

For a commercial project, a Tichelmann grid is used. This is a self-balancing system to ensure the air can only travel the same distance through each heat transfer pipe. The heat transfer pipe is typically DN200-250 diameter. The system size is based on 3m/s maximum velocity through the heat transfer pipes. Tichelmann grid systems are often installed under grass areas or car parks, but in some cases, can alternatively be installed under buildings.


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