Pre-Insulated Pipe

Mibec specialise in the supply of underground Pre-insulated pipe for the energy efficient distribution of water for point-to-point and district heating projects throughout the UK. Often referred to as heat main pipe, underground heating pipe or district heating pipe, pre-insulated pipe is an ideal solution for modern heating projects.

Mibec have a dedicated specialist team, who have worked in the district heating and insulated pipe market for over 20 years, and are passionate about our products and services, aiming to offer the highest quality products for customers.

The Mibec product range covers pipe options including a choice of 1, 2 or 4 carrier pipes in the core to suit a wide range of applications including heating, cooling, and potable water applications. Mibec can supply customised lengths of pre-insulated pipe up to 250 metres to minimise joints and wastage. Pre-Insulated pipes are extremely flexible and lightweight allowing for rapid installation and the ability to easily navigate over or around obstacles on site. The products offered are high quality, all thermally insulated with double-skinned outer jackets.

Mibec can supply underground pre-insulated pipe products from leading district heating pipe suppliers like REHAU, Microflex, or their own Mibec DHP pipe. As one of the leading independent REHAU UK pipe suppliers, Mibec can help with the application of both Rauvitherm and Rauthermex insulated pipe products for use in biomass, biogas, heat pump and district heating projects. REHAU, Microflex and Mibec DHP pipes are suitable for use in biomass RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) projects, and advice on the correct specification for this can be provided. Mibec DHP pre-insulated pipe is also available in packs, which are ideal for use in smaller systems, such as Domestic RHI schemes.


District Heating Solutions

What is a district heating scheme? Simply put it is a project where there is a single centralised heat source supplying heating water and / or domestic hot water two or more separate buildings on the site via an underground pre-insulated pipe network. At the heart of the district heating design philosophy is the concept of improving energy efficiency, reducing CO2 and saving on running costs by having one large heat source running very efficiently, rather than each building having separate smaller ones running less efficiently overall. District heating lends itself well to projects such as apartments, social housing and holiday parks which would require multiple small boilers.


Find out how Mibec can help you solve your biomass, heat pump or district heating underground pipework projects today. Please feel free to email or call our support department on 01782 959170 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help.

What is District Heating?