The Mibec range of pre-insulated pipe can be used in a wide range of applications from new construction, to district and industrial heating and plumbing, linked utility supply between detached buildings or to an increasing range of new renewable energy applications including:

geothermalGeothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps operate on the basis that the ground just beneath the surface remains at a constant temperature throughout the year, and that the ground acts as a heat source. They are used for space heating as well as water heating, in residential, commercial, or public buildings.

heatpumpsAir/water pumps

Air/water heat pumps are based on the fact that heat from ambient air can be collected and boosted to a higher temperature to heat a building throughout the year. They can be used in residential, commercial, or public buildings, for both space heating and water heating.

wood-pelletWood pellet boilers

Burning wood fuel instead of fossil fuels makes a positive contribution to the environment. Wood absorbs as much CO2 when it grows as is released when it burns making it a carbon neutral fuel. Wood pellets are usually compressed sawdust or wood shavings and are uniform in shape and composition. They are easy to ignite, create little ash and will flow freely through feeding mechanisms such as hoppers and augers.

biomassBiomass and biogas

Biomass refers to biological material that can be used as fuel, most commonly plant matter grown specially for use as biofuels, but may also include biodegradable wastes that can be burnt as fuel in an Anaerobic digester system. Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic materials such as manure, sewage, municipal waste and energy crops. The methane in biogas gives it the ability to be burnt as a fuel producing energy.