REHAU PP-R Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems

REHAU PP-R Pre-Insulated Pipe

REHAU PP-R pre-insulated pipe is available now from Mibec.

This new generation of large diameter district heating pipework to allow a fully polymer heat network for large projects. It’s available from 160-315mm SDR 11 as standard (larger sizes available on request) which can supply up to 13MW of heat at 70/40°C.

REHAU PP-R Pre-Insulated Pipe Diagram
Technical drawing of REHAU PP-R

REHAU PP-R pre-insulated pipe is a highly energy-efficient method of transporting water for heating or cooling applications that travels long distances underground.

To achieve the necessary insulating characteristics for these types of applications, the pipe systems are insulated with PUR rigid foam and coated with a casing pipe made of PEHD. Medium pipe is plastic-fibre composite.

At Mibec we are one of the leading stockists of REHAU in the UK and we specialise in the supply of underground pre-insulated pipe for the energy efficient distribution of water for point-to-point and district heating projects throughout the UK. To discuss the suitability of the REHAU PP-R pre-insulated pipe system for your project with our experienced team simply request a callback or call us on 01782 959170.

Why choose REHAU PP-R pre-insulated pipe for your project?

  • No costly expansion bends required (expansion force is 100x less for PP-R)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • No leak detection required
  • Up to 19% lower pressure losses (lower pumping costs during operation)
  • Up to 37% lighter than steel for equivalent DN pipe size
  • Over 50 year lifespan at 70°C / 9.5 bar

Medium pipes


  • faser composite pipe system
  • SDR 11 in dimensions to 355mm
  • Pipe system for heating, cooling and waste water

Fields of application

PP-r table 1


The medium pipes, integrated in the REHAU PP-R pre-insulated pipe system, are made of fusiolen® PP-R.

Special heat and extraction stability are only two of the features of this material. Its physical and chemical properties are well-suited to the transfer of cold and hot water. Above all, the good welding properties and fusion, resulting in a permanent connection, have made the PP-R-pipe systems and the raw material fusiolen® PP-R well known worldwide.



The environmentally friendly material polypropylene fusiolen® PP-R is recyclable and can be ground, melted and reutilised for various applications e.g. motor-protections, wheel linings, laundry baskets and other kinds of transport boxes. There are no polluting substances with PP-R either in its processing or in its disposal.


Use of metal deactivators

By adding suitable additives the risk of material damage caused by metal under extreme conditions of application is substantially reduced.


Higher long-term heat stabilisation

The long-term heat stabilisation has been increased to resist to the potential effects of peak temperatures within higher safety parameters.


REHAU Pre-insulated Pipe System Advantages

PP-r table 2
REHAU PP-R Pre-Insulated Pipe Stacked