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Mibec are proud to be one of the main RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX UK suppliers for REHAU insulated pipe solutions. Mibec are REHAU authorised area distributors throughout the North and South of England, and can cover all areas of the UK. The Mibec free design and application service is available to all installers/consultants, and includes full parts listings, and advice on installation of required. Mibec also offer a full installation service through our recognised partner installers. Mibec can also provide REHAU Rautool tool hire if required.

For District Heating Projects

RAUTHERMEX Pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe was designed for applications where low heat losses are critical. This makes it ideal for large district heating and biomass systems over long distances. Lightweight polymer pipes such as RAUTHERMEX offer huge advantages over traditional steel pipework due to the speed and ease of installation. The DUO product is now also available in 75mm making it suitable for an even wider range of projects.

RAUTHERMEX is approved for use in RHI schemes through compliance with the requirements of EN 15632, a standard agreed by OFGEM that enables use of plastic insulated pipes to be considered for RHI use. By meeting this standard OFGEM consider the products to be “properly insulated”.

RAUTHERMEX is available in UNO 25-160mm and DUO 25-75mm, completed with compression sleeve joints and the insulating sleeve systems, T-couplings and jointing sleeves, and is suitable for the following applications:

  • Local and district heating supply
  • Biomass boiler connections
  • Ground-source and air-source heat pump connections
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Cooling technology and ice rinks
  • Industry and agriculture
  • Connection of external surface heating
  • Geothermal
  • Outdoor facility heating



RAUTHERMEX district heating pipes are made of co-extruded, fully bonded layers, resulting in a system where water penetration along the pipe is reduced to a minimum and no movement between the individual layers is possible. The UNO and DUO variants comprise one and two carrier pipes respectively, made of high-pressure cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) in accordance with DIN 16892/93, SDR 11 with an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance with DIN 4726. The thermal insulation is made of polyurethane (PU) and the outer jacket is made of polyethylene - low density (PE-LD).

REHAU Compression Sleeve


The jointing technique for a compression sleeve is a method developed and patented by REHAU for quick, safe and permanently leakproof connections between PE-Xa pipes. It comprises simply a fitting and the compression sleeve.

Additional sealing elements are not required, as the pipe itself acts as a seal. Four sealing ribs guarantee a completely secure connection, which also withstands the tough application conditions on construction sites.

RAUTHERMEX T-Shroud Set Generation II


RAUTHERMEX T-shroud set, makes reliable insulation of T-branches in RAUTHERMEX pipes with an outer diameter of up to 182mm considerably easier and quicker. Comprises two half-shells, which are placed over the branch and simply pressed together with clamping clasps.

The seal between the coupling and the pipe is carried out by means of an innovative sealing ring concept. Track grooves ensure that the coupling sits perfectly, while combined sealing and vent plugs also ensure quick and easy installation. Insulation is carried out in a similar way with the dual-component RAUTHERMEX coupler foam.