Mibec are proud to be one of the main RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX UK suppliers for REHAU insulated pipe solutions. Mibec are REHAU authorised area distributors throughout the North and South of England, and can cover all areas of the UK, including Scotland. The Mibec free design and application service is available to all installers/consultants, and includes full parts listings, and advice on installation of required. Mibec also offer a full installation service through our recognised partner installers. As REHAU UK stockists, Mibec can also provide REHAU Rautool tool hire if required.

For Community Heating Projects

RAUVITHERM is a Pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe available in UNO 25-160mm and DUO 25-75mm suitable for the following applications:

  • Biomass boilers
  • District heating
  • Remote CHP / plant rooms
  • Heat pumps (both air and ground source)
  • Anaerobic digestion / biogas plants
  • Hot and cold water transport

RAUVITHERM is approved for use in RHI schemes through compliance with the requirements of EN 15632, a standard agreed by OFGEM that enables use of plastic insulated pipes to be considered for RHI use. By meeting this standard OFGEM consider the products to be “properly insulated”.

In their constant drive to reduce their carbon footprint, REHAU began manufacturing RAUVITHERM in the UK from May 2010. The pipe is supplied in project-specific lengths to reduce any wastage on site. Since its UK launch, RAUVITHERM has proved immensely popular with installers due to its high flexibility and easy to use REHAU Everloc™ jointing system.


RAUVITHERM meets all the requirements of polymer Pre-insulated pipes and offers the following benefits:

  • Flexibility for easy installation - Excellent flexibility due to corrugated outer jacket and closed cell insulation. Allowing for rapid installation and the ability to easily navigate over or around obstacles on site.
  • Robust HDPE outer jacket - to withstand demanding onsite conditions.
  • Size flexibility - Long coils of up to 300 meters are possible, allowing for faster and more cost-effective installations. Longer coils mean fewer accessories and connections, providing reductions in parts and labour, as well as less risk of leakages, and reduced time to install.
  • Excellent insulation - High insulating performance from closed cell cross linked PE foam minimises heat loss.
  • WRAS approval - As many of its hot water applications involve potable water, REHAU have WRAS approval for RAUVITHERM pipe and fittings, ensuring utmost confidence from the client of the water quality and ensuring all water regulations are fully adhered to.
  • Fully sealed design - Outer layer of foam is bonded to outer jacket to prevent water ingress.
  • Leak proof - Uses leakproof REHAU Everloc™ compression sleeve technology


Due to its low weight and high flexibility, RAUVITHERM is fast and easy to install. Connections (both tees and straight) use the RAUVITHERM shroud system, filled with highly insulating PU foam to ensure minimal heat losses at the pipe joints. RAUVITHERM also has a 5 year product warranty as standard.

Excellent service

REHAU stock all RAUVITHERM pipe sizes and fittings in the UK to ensure your project requirements can be met. We also offer a 5 day cut-to-length service to reduce any pipe wastage on site. Mibec can also assist in sizing up a pipe network, fully supported by REHAU Technical Department - Please feel free to email or call our support department on 01782 959170 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help.

Rehau Everloc™ Jointing System


Rauvitherm uses the renowned Rehau Everloc™ compression sleeve technology for the whole fitting range. The permanent Rehau Everloc™ fitting has been used over 500 million times around the world and offers the highest level of reliability and minimal bore reduction to improve hydraulic performance.