Cordivari EC1 Multi-Heat Energy Buffer with 316L Stainless Steel DHW Corrugated Pipe


Efficient heating hot water storage and rapid D.H.W. (domestic hot water) production, using biomass, heat pumps or solar thermal energy sources.


Buffer Tank: Mild steel construction with exterior paint. No anti-corrosion treatment required due to the buffer’s closed circuit system.

D.H.W. Production: 316L stainless steel corrugated pipe, suitable drinkable water according to D. M. n. 174 dated 06.04.04

Technical Descriptions

The EC1 can be used as follows:

Heating system with a biomass generator as the energy source, with the option of hot water for sanitary use.

The storage heating volume allows the generator to run more efficiently and reduces the creation of smoke and condensate emissions.

Sanitary hot water production even with low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems. The use of the corrugated pipe system avoids any issues relating to the storage of sanitary hot water (less, stagnation, bacterium etc ) and ensures high heating exchange performance.


NOFIRE® 100 mm soft polyester fibre 100% made of recyclable material, with high thermal insulation and thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/mK. Fire resistance class B-s2d0 according to EN 13501. Grey PVC external lining complete with top cover.


Buffer tank 2 years. 316L stainless steel corrugated pipe for DHW production: 5 years


Pmax - 3 bar
TMax - 99ºC

Corrugated DHW Stainless Steel Pipe

Pmax - 6 bar