Volcano Heaters – Advantages of new EC motors vs standard AC motors

At Mibec we are a pleased to offer our customers Volcano heaters from VTS, a major European manufacturer of HVAC technology. Volcano heatersoffer a modern and extremely efficient method of heating large volume spaces inside commercial, industrial and public buildings such as warehouses, factories, supermarkets and sports halls. VTS have recently updated their Volcano range to include new innovative energy saving EC motors. In this short article we investigate the new technology involved and benefits of this change for the building occupier and designer.

EC stands for Electronically Commutated which basically means it is a fan with a brushless Direct Current (DC) motor rather than being based on traditional Alternating Current (AC) technology. Normal AC motors are designed to operate at an optimum point on their motor speed performance curve, however either side of this operating point, the efficiency can drop off considerably. New EC motors on the other hand have a much flatter efficiency curve which varies relatively little across the motors speed range. This can be seen in the performance graph below where you can see the performance of the AC motor (blue line) is increasing fairly steeply and reaching a peak before starting to decline again. On the other hand the EC motor (green line) is not only more efficient in terms of % overall but it also has a much flatter line across the rotational speed range:

As can be seen this performance makes the Volcano unit with an EC motor far more versatile throughout its entire control range giving the user and M&E designer more flexibility in terms of applications whilst maintaining peak energy efficiency. Units equipped with EC motors are characterised by excellent durability with minimal costs associated with their operation. The units also have low noise levels even with considerable rates of rotation, which has a favorable influence on buildings acoustics creating a more comfortable indoor environment for the occupier.

The speed of a Volcano fan equipped with an EC motor is regulated using a 0-10 V signal. At Mibec we offer either simple wall-mounted potentiometers allowing for fan speed changes or alternatively an advanced microprocessor controller, which can carry out a series of other functions (regulation of the room temperature, weekly programing, parameter settings, anti-freeze functions, etc.). Optionally the volcano units can also be integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) allowing for control of all the units from one place.

Volcano heaters offer other great benefits to both the installer and building occupier such as very simple installation & easy handling, advanced fan blade designs for low operational costs & quiet running, anti-corrosive coatings for the louvers increasing their durability, and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for the device together with a lifetime warranty for the housing.

At Mibec we offer a full free of charge specification service covering the whole of the UK, designed to support architects, specifiers, contractors or consultants, helping you to select the right heating solution to meet your needs.Please feel free to email or call our support department on 01782 959170 where one of our trained advisers will be happy to help you select the right heater for your project. For more information and technical details please feel free to download our latest Volcano brochure.