When is a PIC valve not a PIC valve?

Heat Interface Units (HIUs) contain valves to enable control. Some, such as our new Hiper HIU contain a Pressure Independent Control Valve or PIC valve. The term is often used a little too broadly in the industry to describe components in HIUs that strictly speaking aren’t really PIC valves; therefore the purpose of this short article is to explore what a PIC valve is, what a PIC valve does and the benefits they bring.

What is a PIC valve?
A PIC valve is 3 valves in one:

  1. Differential Pressure Control valve
  2. 2 port modulating control valve
  3. Flow Regulating Valve

What does a PIC valve do?
The PIC valve in the Hiper HIU is used in conjunction with an electric actuator giving proportional modulating control as instructed by the PID Controller.

  1. The PID Control Unit (Proportional Integral Derivative) – maintains the efficiency of the HIU. Provides stable temperatures under varying load conditions. Unique algorithms constantly recalculate the amount and the speed of modulation required for maximum efficiency.

One PIC valve replaces three separate valves that would otherwise be required to maintain the maximum level of system control so the HIU can operate effectively. Having a PIC valve in the Hiper HIU gives 100% authority, (regardless of pressure fluctuations in the district heating supply).

What are the benefits?
The use of PIC valves allows comfort levels to be optimised at least cost, reducing ongoing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the system to outstanding levels. The Hiper HIU PIC valve can maintain control up to a pressure differential of 4 bar. It is this level of control that enables the Hiper HIU to very efficiently provide high hot water temperatures and low district return temperatures and makes this product is amongst the best of its type available on the market.

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